Trust me!?

30 Jan

I know I did it again. I left for months!! For now with my super crazy lid it how it has to be. :/ I know im not the most skillful of writers but I try.
So for this post rather then my opinion being given. I need opinions back. Crazy right! I am no joke probably one of the most opinionated people in the world and I can’t figure this out.
First thing first is I have (shockingly enough) a boyfriend and we have been together for a little over 3 months now and I really like him.
Problems have arisen though already. Nothing big well that’s a lie they are big. He has trust issues.  He tells me its because of his ex wife cheating on him but I have no clue if I should believe it. Today this issues we seriously confirmed when he though a guy I was “talking to” was planning on have me come have sex with him… it was my brother I just dont have a last name saved with his frist name.
No I completely understand jealousy. Like when we walk through the mall and girls stare and him then give me a “bitch that man is too fine for you” look. But him going through my phone is bad.
It had to get worse. I get a confirmation code to my email where he is trying to hack into my Facebook account.  Now I have nothing to hide from him. But to me that is almost a betrayal.
My question that needs answering should I just give him my email and password??
Please leave comments with your opinion! 


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